Job Fair use of GoodPics

There are lots of type of Job Fairs: Build your company brand and that of your event attendees with professional “charity” headshots for attendees.

GoodPics (part of Giving Forward a 501c3) is based on a simple premise:

  • People Love Headshots — Value Them Highly.
  • Many folks can’t afford the $$ or the time for professional headshots
  • Businesses Love Delighting Customers/Prospects… with Headshots!
  • Add social impact to a high impact digital giveaway when you are running or sponsoring a Job Fair.
  • Good Pics is for you.

GoodPics has the following TURNKEY elements, we handle it all as a nonprofit:

  1. GoodPics Photographers: we have a network of vettedĀ professionals. We take care of everything through these partnerships.
  2. A Sponsor (possibly you): The sponsor covers the fixed cost of the photographer and an additional platform fee to Giving Forward, a 501c3 which built GoodPics. Sponsor also selects between one and four nonprofits to receive 70% of the donations. (if the platform fee is sufficient, we can make it 100% of net donation revenue) Matching is also a fun way to get donations higher.
  3. A Venue: This can be a Job Fair, Conference, Office, etc.
  4. The Platform: GoodPics facilitates the pickup emails to recipients, the opportunity to select and donate to a nonprofit cause and the opportunity to get retouching along with a donation.

Contact to discuss adding Charity Headshots to your Job Fair.