Charity Headshots

Are Charity Headshots The Perfect Conference/Event Giveaway?

Walk the isles of any conference or tradeshow. What are you offered as an attendee? Mugs, pens, hats, water-bottles, umbrellas and tote bags… When you go back to the office how many of those make a lasting impression? Plus half go into a landfill!! Yuck. A waste of the businesses’ $$ and bad for the environment!! Or just add professional headshots to crate a line at your booth.

Imagine the value to your prospects and customers (and even staff) of a professional headshot. When you facilitate that headshot, delivered by GoodPics (part of Giving Forward a 501c3), not only do you deliver instant value and goodwill, but every time your customers and prospects see that picture of themselves, they recall that you sponsored the photographer who delivered the valuable headshot. Plus if they really loved the headshot and want it retouched, Giving Forward facilitates that and will donate a portion of the retouch fee to the nonprofit selected by the sponsor or the donor.

Why GoodPics Headshots Beat Tchotchkes, Swag or Giveaways:

  1. High Value (Professional Headshots cost Hundreds of Dollars)
  2. Emotional Trigger: When folks see their headshot that you bought for them they remember YOU and your event
  3. Captive Audience: Your team can “chat them up” as prospects and customers wait in line for headshots
  4. Leads: Goes without saying that you get leads from conferences where the grab and go T-Shirt didn’t get you a lead.
  5. It’s Philanthropic: Voluntary donations and upsell to retouching generate revenue for the selected nonprofits (Giving Forward takes 30% of net on the upsell or donation, unless we are the designated nonprofit).

Contact to discuss adding Charity Headshots to your event.