Pricing and Details

Costs to deploy GoodPics within the USA

Your amazing event will be remembered every time attendees check their their social profiles, from LinkedIn and FB through Insta, TikTok and X? That’s GoodPics from Giving Forward!

Free Charity Headshots! Or deploy GoodPics with mandatory donations.  With free donations in trade show environments, recipients generally donate later when they are blown away by the quality and they see the sponsor matching donations.

Setup + Platform fee to Giving Forward Ranges from $500 to $1500 depending on the number of headshots.  Platform fee includes the system for distributing and marketing the upsell donation to causes.

Additional Costs:

  • Photographer hours (partial day, full day, multi-day) Hourly rates range from $155 – $245, top range if a second shooter is required 
  • Equipment needs (sometimes custom backgrounds or lighting are requested). Standard lighting and backgrounds are included 
  • Hair and Makeup (HMU) optional
  • Transportation and parking costs
  • Signage

Typical deployments make donation optional, however, we can deploy with a minimum donation. 

General event photo and video coverage is also GREAT for social media, and the photographers we’ve partnered with for GoodPics for Headshots can also cover your event. So, you don’t need to stop with headshots. Our team can cover the entire event. 

With a second shooter, we can even process the cropping and color corrections in near-real time and activate on social media during the event, in collaboration with your marketing team.

Contact to discuss adding Charity Headshots to your events.